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Fish In Cairns

Cairns has to be one of the best cities in the world if you are interested in fishing.

Just an hour in any direction of Cairns, and you would have covered many types and styles of fishing.

Fishing in Cairns offers anglers of any skill level a large variety of fishing options. Find out where the fish are biting now at our Hot Tips page!

We are here to help anyone who plans to go fishing or already loves to fish in Far North Queensland, Australia or wants to learn more about Cairns and the type of fishing and fish species that can be caught in the local area. Get the latest Tides & Weather, Visitor Information all from this one website, as well as the rules and regulations of the local region an all the latest reef zonings an closures. If you cant find what you need use our search engine in the top right-hand corner.

There is also a photo gallery. The gallery gives you a chance to see all the different types of fish that are caught locally, in what location. This might help you decide which species you wish to target when fishing in these areas.

We offer personal self drive boat hire (no licence needed). Its a good way to enjoy the local rivers at your own pace and leisure. We also highly recommend the Charter fishing trips, its a great way to learn about the local rivers from the friendly an helpful guides. The Local Fishing Experts take you directly to the best fishing spots. One day you could be catching Coral Trout and Mackerel on the reef and the next day up a river catching the well sort after Barramundi on light fishing tackle. The fact is, if you go fishing with a professional the chances of landing a nice catch are greatly increased.