LOCATION: Approx. 150 km north of Cairns

The Cape itself was named by Captain Cook its founder, in the late 1700’s, since it was just a little north of here that  tribulations started when he ran his ship on to the  Reef (now called Endeavour Reef) In the ’70’s it was a hippie outpost with  a number of settlements, particularly at the infamous Cedar Bay, further north towards Cooktown. Today with further improvements to the road, Cape Tribulation is becoming more popular for visitors.

It’s not surprising as this stretch of the coast is incredibly beautiful. It’s one of the few places in Australia where the rainforest runs right down to the water. The Wet Tropical Rainforests here are now protected by World Heritage Laws so tourists have the privilege of visiting unspoilt virgin rainforest and crystal clear jungle creeks.

The Daintree Ferry provides access into the Cape Tribulation area. This is accessible by conventional vehicles except during periods of heavy rain. Coach tours and a bus service also visit this area. After crossing the Daintree Ferry you travel through lowland and tropical rainforest passing road junctions for Cape Kimberley and Cow Bay. There are some excellent coastal views and several tourist attractions.

The road runs over several high capes and alongside attractive beaches. Camping spots and accommodation are available. A small general store is located at Cow Bay. Limited fuel access is available. Attractions within Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest include:

Horse riding,Croc Viewing, The Daintree River Environmental Centre, LoraVilla Art Gallery which exhibits arts and crafts produced by local artists Dragonfly Gallery in Cape Trib, featuring more local arts and crafts Hostel accommodation at PJ’s Backpackers, along with luxurious 4 and 5 start accommodation, all sandwiched between the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. After that during the dry season May-November typically you can drive along the 4 Wheel drive track to Cooktown which is an exhilarating drive through pristine Rainforest and Creeks and Streams.Check Road conditions before you attempt the drive as it can be hazardous.