Cairns has a great reputation for producing good size game fish such as sailfish, Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish), Blue Marlin and of coarse the Black Marlin. Most Game fish that are landed are released as to preserve the stocks for future activity. There is a number of charter boat that head out to the reef daily chasing Billfish that would be happy to assist you in landing that big one. The best times to go game fishing are late July to late November.

The easiest the best and the cheapest way to catching Billfish is to go on a charter boat because the guys on the boats are experienced, know the local area and know where to find them at different times of the year. To experience Game fishing properly you really need a boat to be a minimum of 25ft long, set up with a game seat. This gives you every chance of getting the large game fish to the side of the boat.

Most people don’t realise how much pressure and strain a large game fish applies to you and your fishing tackle when hooked.The fishing gear that is used to tackle these giants are nothing but the best due to the power of these fish and that game fish are hard to come by especially if you haven’t done a lot of game fishing in the area and for that reason you need to have top quality equipment because you don’t want to lose a large fish though tackle failure. The main gear used to attract game fish while trolling is Teasers, Skirts, Skippers, Flashers, Gigs and large Baitfish. Trolling with out riggers and down riggers allows you to place more lines out behind the boat at different depths and with different baits without getting tangled and to increase your chances of getting a hook-up.

The Skipper of the vessel must be very experience at his job especially when the fish gets close to the boat, all the fish needs to do is have a short burst of energy and run under the boat, with the line at its maximum strain all it needs to do is touch the boat and it will brake and the fish is lost. When you are running out of line the skipper needs to back the boat in the direction of the fish so you don’t get spooled. If the fish decides to take a detour to the left or right of the boat the skipper needs to correct this by manoeuvring the boat to place the fish directly off the stern.

There is a lot of responsibility resting on the Skippers shoulders because he is the brains of the whole operation.You will also need a Deckhand; the deckhand plays a large roll in the operation as well. When a fish is hooked the Deckhand will be the one placing the rod into your gimble and clipping the rod into your belt so that when you are all hooked up you can lock the drag on for the initial strike. The deckhand will retrieve anything that is out the back of the boat to allow you to have the whole stern of the boat as your playground. One of the most important jobs as a Deckhand is to keep in contact with the Skipper at all times to inform him of the location of the fish and how much line is left on the reel.

The best fishing grounds for game fish is in deep water off large drop offs such as the reefs edge, Channels between the reefs and near the continental shelf looking for baitfish and most of the time large Marlin will attack fish up to a meter long. Sailfish and Dolphin fish can be found in shallower water then the Marlin, around the reefs edge looking for smaller Baitfish.

Game fishing is very different to most other types of fishing and if you haven’t experienced the thrill of having a Game fish on the other end of the line it is hard to describe the feeling once you have landed or released the fish.The best and the cheapest way to experience the thrill of game fishing is to book yourself a trip on one of the many different Game fishing boats that leave from Cairns and Port Douglas every day. You will have an experienced team that knows all the best location for the marlin feeding grounds and the knowledge of the local area.