Good Times Are Coming

The fishing out on the reef has been a little quite due to the fact that the weather hasn’t been the greatest. There has been very few opportunities to get out on the open water but the anglers that have manage to get out there on those couple of fine days did surprisingly well. There where a few good size trevelly caught around the headlands, islands and sandcays. There has also been Coral Trout being caught in good numbers on the closer reefs like Arlington, Vlasoff and Oyster. Mackerel where by far the majority of the catch and there were some large specimens landed near Sudbury Reef like this pic sent in from Tom Orland who landed this 61lb giant on a deep bommie off Sudbury Reef using a Fusilier as live bait on a float with 8/0 gang hooks.

With large Spanish Mackerel being landed, most reef anglers start to get excited this time of year because it mean they get to replenish there stocks of fish in there freezer. You can land one big mackerel, which pays for fuel & the trip out to the reef while feeding the family there fish intake for weeks and even months to come.

 Last month there was some good reports of Barra been caught in the local estuaries but the Barra have dropped off the bite which is a little disappointing. On the big tides there are a lot of grunter, whiting and flathead being caught around the mouths of the rivers. During the stationary tides there has been the occasional large Mangrove Jack and Grunter being caught but other then that it has been quiet during neap tides.

A lot of the inland rivers are still a little swollen, which is good for those campers that like to target Barra. If the rivers are still above normal levels for this time of year that means that the larger Barra have had plenty of time to head up or downstream to new locations. This is good news for those fishing & camping spots that are popular or regularly fished because there will be a new wave of barramundi to replace the once that have been caught through the last season and depending on the location other species like Sooty Grunter, Black Bream and Mangrove Jack will replenish the over fished waterholes too.

The water isn’t cold up at Lake Tinaroo so there are still Barra been pulled out of the lake. The best results have been from anglers using live bait (Mouth Almighty’s) with a large hook on a float line. The best time is during the night on a full moon but if there is any moon in the sky it will increase your chances dramatically.