Kuranda is a romantic village, shrouded by pristine rainforest and nestled alongside the mighty Barron River and the big boisterous Barron Falls. Tourism had its foundations in Kuranda before 1920. The Cairns Post circa 1921 had this to say about Kuranda, ” no township in the world has such splendour within its environs, no wonder that journalists, authors, artists and poets have tried to express in permanent form, the emotions which it has stirred within them”; this statement remains as true today as when it was written. First settled by Europeans in 1885 and then connected to Cairns by rail in 1891, Kuranda quickly earned a well-deserved reputation as a premium visitor destination, a cool mountain retreat removed from the sweltering heat and humidity of the tropical coast. Today Kuranda is known as the “village in the rainforest” an exciting vibrant community on Cairns’ doorstep. Kuranda is a pulsating township that exudes a bohemian character. Kuranda’ s natural beauty, prolific wild life and embracing year round climate has mesmerised people of all ages, creeds & cultures. An atmosphere of kinship surfaces then radiates from the picturesque village, a community united in its love of Kuranda and her tranquillity. Kuranda tranquility sees a diverse multi-cultural population come together as a bonded community; today, exhibited by all to few other places in the world. Kuranda citizenry’s passion for home and habitat dominoes into a generous community spirit, where neighbours sincerely care for each other in a measure from a bygone era; a return to an age of grace.