Sport fishing means fishing for large fish on a light tackle. It can range from fishing in deep-sea to coastal fishing and even freshwater fishing.

Sport fishing is a method of targeting one type of fish and using the lightest tackle possible to retrieve that fish. You have to find a happy medium when choosing what size line you are going to use for what size fish you plan to catch. If you use too light a line you will get spooled (when the fish runs all the line off the reel) by the fish or depending on the fish and the location you won’t have enough control over the fish to keep it out of the snags. Sport fishing is about the fun of fishing and maybe to break a record or two. There are a lot of rules and regulation to acquiring a world record. The fish is measured and tested then your fishing tackle is tested to make sure that the line doesn’t break above the specified line weight class and so on and so on.

Most fish caught when sport fishing are released back into the water unharmed. Unless you believe that you have a record then you will need the fish for proof of the capture and then to undergo the stringent tests.

If you are going to go sport fishing in the Lakes, Rivers or Ocean I recommend that you use a professional charter boat, the crew are very experienced at there jobs and work over time just make you feel comfortable while fishing and do everything in there power to produce a great catch for you. When you are fishing with light tackle and targeting large fish that is where an experienced crew will come in handy because as most fisherman know fish are very unpredictable and the crew will tell you what steps you need to take to avoid loosing that record fish in awkward situations.

You can take your own fishing tackle along on the charters if you feel that you have the right equipment to tackle these fine specimens or you can use the fishing tackle supplied by the charter. Quality equipment is required to land these fish and the smallest glitch in your equipment can assist in loosing the catch.

Barramundi is a great fish to target as a sport fish due to its fighting ability on light tackle and the great aerial performance. It is common for a Barramundi to jump out of the water a number of times when hooked. The barramundi will also head for shelter under rocks and fallen trees, which always make for an interesting fight. Just to give you an idea of what one record for a Barramundi on light Tackle is 26.3kg on 6kg line. There is a lot of competition in the field of barramundi fishing.

If you wish to sport fish out at the reef you can target any common species. You don’t have to limit yourself to the common pelagic species such as Sailfish, Dolphin fish, Mackerel, Kingfish and Marlin. You can target bottom fish such as Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Red Bass and even Sharks, they all fall under the sport fishing category.

Most Charter boats will target the more popular species due to their fighting ability and popularity.Sport fishing is a great way to have a lot of fun without putting a lot of physical strain on yourself and your equipment and is just as rewarding as any other type of fishing and who knows you may even become a world record holder.